I am a part of a team of professional

Real Estate Agents”

who are valued for our in-depth

knowledge and understanding of the

home buying and selling process.

When you think of your Real Estate Agent, you should feel as though they always have your best interest at heart.  You should feel as though they are negotiating for your benefit, while listening to your needs. They should be determined, motivated, and committed to handling your transaction with expertise, professionalism, integrity and honesty.

We, at Kepp & Associates, are committed to establishing a long-term relationship based on trust and we pride ourselves on with staying abreast of changes within the industry that will affect the success of your transaction. You can trust us to handle all the details of the transaction and to guide you through the process to help eliminate any surprises.

Our team of Real Estate Agents, encompass a wealth of Real Estate experience with a solid educational foundation to back it up. We believe that listening carefully, communicating effectively and providing unparalleled services has been at the core of our success. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, we will ensure a rewarding experience and successful results. We take care of everything you need, from start to finish.

The best compliment you could give us would be a referral. We are never too busy for a referral!


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What is a Silver Fox Forced Matrix?

A system where there is a limit to the number

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If there is a limited number of affiliates,

How can that be good?

Even though there are LIMITED number of affiliates, There are multiple levels of affiliates and referrals. When a given affiliate has reached the maximum number of referrals they can refer, any “spill overs” will be placed as a referral for this affiliate’s first , second, third, fourth and fifth levels of their 2 X 5 Forced Matrix.

Let’s take the sample below! If each affiliate is allowed 2 referrals on their 1st level – such as Bob & Charlie in this example, and you then personally refer 2 more affiliates such as David & Anna… David & Anna will be FORCED to be placed under Bob. Now let’s say Bob personally recruits 2 more… Mary & Tom… they would be FORCED to go under David on his second level thus helping YOU fill your Matrix.

Although ALL it takes is 2 personally recruited affiliates to fill a 2 X 5 Forced Matrix, you will want to fill the Matrix even faster- so YOU reap the benefits of the filled 2 X 5 Forced Matirx. We therefore suggest that you invite MORE than 2 affiliates to the system. It’s to YOUR benefit to get past the 3rd level where you will break even – then you will be in the profit on your 4th and 5th levels.

Your 4th & 5th levels are where the REAL money is, so you personally want to fill those levels as quickly as possible. You shouldn’t care how or who they go under – let the system figure that out for you – just as long as your Matrix is being filled. Your downline will be helping you fill the MTRIX also, BUT do not assume they are as enthusiastic as you are. Do not wait for them to make you money!

Just imagine – if EVERYONE you recruited was as enthusiastic as you about building a residual income of $852 per month (starting out with ONLY $5) then you will reach your goal in a VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME!

You have to be invited into the second $15… 2X5 Matrix but, you must fill the first $5… 2X5 Forced Matrix first.

What’s GREAT about this system is you are in business for yourself but NOT BY YOURSELF. You will have a team effort from your Up-Line & Downline. Your $5… 2 X 5 Forced Matrix will be full with ONLY 62 paid members. Once filled, ( the $5… 2 X 5 Forced Matrix), you will be pushing or forcing YOUR downline into the next 4 Matrix UNDER YOU helping them fill their Matrix – thus allowing YOU to collect the BIG BONUSES… In other words those who are in your downline ARE FORCED TO MAKE $$$ – then, in turn, your up-line is forcing YOU to make $$$ whether you want to or not!!

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You will get an Auto download function where the you can automatically download your leads into your Silver Fox Lead Factory back office.

When you download those leads an INSTANT email message is sent to the lead with your signature message.

Once a week you can send out a weekly email broadcast message to your entire 2 X 5 Matrix members and the leads in your back office.

You will also have a POWERFUL email management system in your back office where you can…

  • #1. View and edit your lead’s information
  • #2. Email your leads
  • #3. Keep stats on opened emails and how many times they are          opened
  • #4. You will get an Appointment scheduler
  • #5. You can Make notes
  • #6. You can Make lead groups and do transfers
  • #7. You can Delete the lead
  • #8. the system will Flag leads with multiple color flags
  • #9. Yellow & Blue STARS show who opened the email and clicked on a link in the email
  • #10. You can Sort by name, date, email, opened email, active, converted and inactive leads
  • #11. Text Message System allowing you to TEXT your leads
  • #12. Promotional banners and scripts PLUS powerful internet locations where you can advertise your $5… 2 X 5 Forced Matrix Money Making System. HEY – everyone at these POWERFUL internet advertising locations can afford $5 so you should have no problems filling your Matrix FAST! Pre register here:   And make sure you say Carol Heksem referred you!

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